Lujan Grisham Michelle 771x522New Mexico's Govenor Elect Michelle Lujan Grisham was interviewed after her election win on the direction she sees for New Mexico's future.  One of the most exciting portions of her talk was the link between the New Mexico economy and attention to outdoor recreation and tourism  She called these "untapped" resources and we couldn't agree more wholeheartedly.  

Now, we'd hate to see prices rise and crowds swell here in Sierra County, however, we've always been struck by the steady but low numbers of adventure seekers and tourists in the area.  Sierra County provides travelers with the state's largest lake and state park, hiking trails for any ability, off-road vehicle areas, art, rocks and gems to collect as well as to buy, and skies that are beyond compare.  If you like mountain climbing or striking gold, you'll love what Sierra County has to offer.  Let's bring people here and have some fun!

The new Governor Elect spoke in an interview with MSNBC's morning show to talk about things important to the New Mexican voters - you can WATCH IT HERE.  

On the subject of the border wall she said "We don't need 4th century solutions to 21st century problems."  Again, she included a focus on outdoor recreation and added the environment, a concern to a majority of voters.  Studies have shown that many species can be negatively impacted, including birds and coyotes. Birding brings travelers to New Mexico for the incredible opportunities to view and record migrant species and flocks like Sandhill Cranes.  

Along with this focus on the economy and resource opportunities, education is a key issue.  Looking forward to hearing more about tourism, the economy, and how it all affects our beautiful Sierra County!


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