Indian Rocks @ Ralph Edwards Park in TorCOne of the more interesting TorC places is tucked away almost out of site in Ralph Edwards Park. Tucked back off the road and behind the fishing pond is a rock formation that hides some of the hot springs history.  

Long before Ralph Edwards looked to rename a town, the benefits of the hot springs in this area have drawn people here. In this particular area Apache Indians setup camp to use the hot springs to recover from battle. At the time the area was swampy with reeds and grass to hide while bathing. Even in the 40's and 50's after the area was turned into a park, the Apache still came and camped in the area. 

If you follow the path into the rick formation you can see holes in the rocks that the Apache would use for thier teepees. This part of the park makes for a relaxing place to hang out, have lunch and fish in the pond. . 

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