Rio Grande looking back at TorC

Over the winter months the Bureau of Reclamation create a temporary dam on the Rio Grande just south of Rotary Park in Truth or Consequences

If you want to 4x4 in the BLM adjacent to river south of TorC, you can easily cross the river here and be on the county road the heads up into the Caballo Mountains. 

Another benefit is that the bird watching is amazing from craines to starlings that mass in and around the dam.  

Craine flies across the Rio Grande


According to the Bureau of Reclamation the dam serves several purposes. It helps keep the water table that the hot springs is on stay filled during the winter months. The backlog is stocked with fish and you can find on any day fishing along the banks here during the winter months. Come springtime the dam comes down. 


rio grande 2

 This video was shot in the winter of 2019, please enjoy. 

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