burritoOkay, you have no idea how good we have it here in Sierra County New Mexico.  Chances are if you have to pull off at a gas station/convenience store, you will find a Grill that makes burritos.  And that's what we're talking about here - the amazing greatness of the gas station burrito.

We have been blessed with travels these past few years, running around different states and food scapes during the spring and summer.  We always find ourselves back in Truth or Consequences Sierra County New Mexico for the fall and winter.  Now, we're not sure the gas station burrito is the reason for this but it sure is a bonus.  Pork Adovada.  Steak Fajita.  Breakfast.  Red Chile Sauce.  These are large, heavy, packed burritos that don't scrimp on ingredients.

One terrific example of this is the Quick Stop in the Shell when you take the Williamsburg exit off of I25.  If you arrive in the morning between 8 and 10 a.m., you might find yourself battling for your favorite flavor and then standing in line with a crowd of people in the know.  I've tried to find the right name and a link to the Mexican Grill company, but to no avail.  Just stop there.  Trust the food, if it sounds good it's going to be great. The grill master has a warmer at the front of the store and will leave everything that was prepared for afternoon customers.  Go before 1:00 p.m. if you want to get the freshest burritos or a burger made to order.

Now, I can tell you that Hatch has it's own competing gas station/convenience store burrito grill under the name of Sante Fe Grill & Catering Company at the Quick Pic gas station just off I25.  The cook let us have a sample taste of a couple of fillings to test the heat and then made recommendations that were spot on.  May we recommend the Adovada?

This is perhaps one of the best niche food markets we've ever encountered.  Beyond being blessed with inexpensive avocados throughout the year there are delicious gas station burritos in Sierra County New Mexico.  Grab one and go!

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