torceerflightTruth or Consequnces Brewery in Sierra County NM is quickly becoming an anchor in downtown Truth or Consequences.  It was a great place to spend a couple of pre-holiday nights, particularly when the musical guest is as terrific as Milo Matthews.

Our small crew was looking for a bit of holiday cheer so we headed down the street to grab a brew.  We had a fun, festive time both evenings we visited T or C Brewery and the beverages hit a high mark.

The full-time schedule and release of an ever changing product line has really built an audience.  With a price range for alcoholic beverages running from about $3 to $8 per glass for a craft brew or cider, we were treated to a variety of delicious selections.  We sampled three of the offerings and definitely wanted more.  We put it on the list to revisit as often as possible.  Disclaimer:  We are not beer experts, merely beer explorers.

Since we were deep in the throes of the holiday season, we'll start with Bad Santa.  This beer was described as a "Christmas cookie in a glass" so we weren't sure what to expect.  It is a winter ale with a snap of spice and was just a bit more chewy than some of the lighter ales we had tried in the past.  It has a nice alcohol content with ABV at 7.5%.  If you are looking for a bit heavier flavor in an ale but not quite ready for a stout, this is a great choice.  It does quickly make the mood merrier!


Next up we went with a very light, crisp Airstream Ultra.  This is the lightest beer T or C Brewery has on tap with a low alcohol content (ABV 4%).  It was thirst quenching with great effervesance.  The lightness and bubbles inspire us to come back and look for this beer in the warm spring sunshine.

The hard cider was delicious!  Such a nice diversion from the heavier taste of the Bad Santa.  There was almost a sense of traveling through the seasons with our evening's selections.  The cider brought about that taste and smell of a fresh fall day spent picking apples.  This choice was perfect for a mid level heft and flavor.between the light ale and the winter ale.  

To tie it all together, one of the nights we popped in we were treated to a dance party with Milo Matthews.  If you get a chance to see this bass player/producer/loop artist please don't miss him.  Everyone in the club was dancing.  Milo puts on a terrific show with some original music and very unique takes on covers.  Milo is hard working with long sets, he's kind to the folks who beg him for just one more song, and a really fun personality.  

Stay groovy.




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