elfarologoThere are so many tasty choices in Sierra County New Mexico when you are searching for a great Mexican meal.  We recently did lunch at El Faro in downtown Truth or Consequences. We had passed the place so many times and it is within walking distance of nearly all downtown venues so we finally dove in.

We're so glad we decided to give El Faro a chance!  There were ups and downs of the experience but the food was all thumbs up.  We had one of the specials, the layered cheese enchilada with green on the side.  The chips and salsa were satisfactory but not "blow your socks off" good.  We had a chimichanga meal as well and ended up with what seemed like pounds of food.

The special was fresh, warm, and delicious.  We have special love for good enchiladas and, if I see those enchiiladas on the specials sign again, I might not be able to prevent myself from running back immediately.  "Layered" was a first for me in my enchilada experience and I'm a fan. It was a large portion, a small lake of enchilada on my plate surrounded by the beans and rice I adore.  Great recipes for all, very flavorful sides.

We also ordered a chimichanga dinner and it was huge!  Really delicious filling was surrounded by a very light, crisp fried tortilla.  Along with the chimi we got some guacamole.  Very fresh with little distraction from great avocado.

The only downside to the experience had to do with a very large group of local ministers and their families.  How did we know they were pentacostal ministers?  Well they loudly broadcast that fact along with many religious and political statements that got beyond obnoxious.  That is easy to ignore.  They monopolized the wait staff and somehow the wait staff let that happen.  With more than a dozen meals that included kids' orders, the requests for condiments, drinks, etc, etc, went on and on one item at a time.  A more experienced wait person would have dealt with the restaurant's other customers while still providing service to the larger group.  The wait made the obnoxious behavior less tolerable.  

All in all, the food and the folks were terrific and we will definitely be back.  Remember, most of the time the local guests are friendly and mostly patient.  This may have been just one experience with rude guests and we hope that's the case.  But we're telling you - if the "Specials" signboard says Layered Enchiladas, dive in before they are gone.  El Faro makes a great choice if you are looking to refill the tanks after a hot mineral springs soak or before you head to El Cortez for a movie.  

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