lapalomabathThis lovely image of colorful rock and tile is photographed right through the crystal clear hot springs waters in the pools at La Paloma Hot Springs and Spa here In Truth or Consequences of Sierra County New Mexico. 

The soothing sounds and sights of the baths at La Paloma are delightful - and only the beginning of a truly relaxing healing experience.

Located in the central hot springs district at 311 Marr St, Truth or Consequences, NM 87901, La Paloma boasts the only "living waters" spring pools in town.  Living waters can be experienced at La Paloma in the natural flow artesian hot springs baths.  Boasting a very high mineral content, including Lithium, the water has nearly no sulphur odor and is brilliantly clear.

The aura of peace begins in the courtyard on a path marked by twin waterfalls that provide a home for plants, trees, and flocks of small birds.  You can find mamy outdoor seating options in the courtyard to watch the birds play and soak up the amazing Sierra County New Mexico sunshine.  One proceeds to the office to check in - in this instance we were using our multi-visit punchcard - and find out the water temperatures in the baths that day, pick up a towel, or purchase extra bottles of water that are available outside the private baths.  

The common area in the bathhouse has comfortable seating nooks, rooms for spa services, and several ceremonial areas for meditation.  La Paloma hot springs in Truth or Consequences New Mexico offers a variety of massage options including Hot Rock, Swedish, Sports, and Reiki.  Of course a soak is recommended before or after massage and body services.  

The baths themsevles are private and clothing optional.  This is the only place clothing is optional.  Each room has either a double or single bath.  (The Longhouse has a larger public bath that can be rented for private occasions).  Customers sign in and choose their bath and water temperature.  Temps range from 98 - 116 degrees on any given day.  Our preference is in the 105 - 110 degree range.  The soft soundtrack is distinctly southwestern with a Native American feel.  Everything about the baths is peaceful - there are even signs asking you to silence your phone and whisper.

Half hour baths are lovely ventures into pain relief.  Hour long baths are a delight and feel like a complete indulgence.  The buoyancy and heat have an immediate effect on whatever pain you might be experiencing.  We highly recommend getting the reduced rate offered by La Paloma Hot Springs and Spa by purchasing a punch card with multiple visits in half hour segments.  Give yourself at least one full hour visit, you won't be sorry!  Each larger bath area also has two massage type tables so you can take a break, stretch, or just cool under the fan for a few minutes.  The single baths feature a brighter small room with a high window that brings the outdoors inside.  Both are beautiful experiences.

At this time of year with Christmas lists in hand you could take care of even the most difficult loved one with a multi visit punchcard.  When we bought ours, it brought the half hour visit down to $5 (from $7) per half hour and we were free to use the punches in any combination i.e. two people for a half hour or one person for an hour on two punches.  The hotel guests get a free soak every day and the baths are available to their guests 24 hours a day.  

Rooms start at $72 a night.  To have a room with 24 hour bath access for this price is a real joy.  With consistently high ratings on sites like TripAdvisor, we will join the chorus of voices who highly recommend La Paloma, Truth or Consequences, in Sierra County New Mexico!

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