latitude33Latitude 33 is a standout dining option in Truth or Consequences.  The town is full of great burger places, Mexican dining, and a couple of steak and seafood joints.  Latitude 33 offers Asian fusion cooking in a hip small restaurant setting.

The restaurant's proximity to the Pelican Spa assures that there will be many visitors dining so it can get a little packed.  We went early in the evening and had no trouble securing a table.  It was a lovely fall evening and the room was about half full when we were seated.  Having heard very little about the restaurant, we relied upon our familiarity with some of the dishes.

Our first course was simple - potstickers and spring rolls.  The potstickers were delicious and pretty standard with a flavorful dumpling dipping sauce.  The spring rolls were light and very crisp.  We enjoyed those very much - would have ordered a larger serving were it available.  The presentation on everything was very pleasing.  

As for the main course, one of us had the Thai Peanut Noodles.  It was a larger portion with a thick creamy sauce.  There was a hint of pizazz, just a little heat. We both love peanut sauce and make variations at home all the time.  This was definitely a worthy menu option.  

The Shrimp Orzo salad may be available only during certain times of the year and if so that would be a shame.  It was absolutely delicious - crisp and satisfying. The salad was a very crunchy, dense chopped salad that included asian pickles, veggies, and mixed with a creamy dressing and orzo.  This was laid out on a long dish and topped with six large shrimp seasoned with the Middle Easters spice za'atar.  I've long loved the flavor of the spice and was delighted to have the opportunity to taste it with the seafood.

We skipped dessert but wanted to mention the Thai Iced Tea.  One doesn't really need a dessert when you have this tea.  It is sweet and creamy and highly addictive.  Spring the extra dollars for the tea - well worth it!

Overall, we were really pleased with the entire experience.  Our server was friendly and the kitchen was humming.  We'll be back and hope to see you there as well! 

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