truth or consequences new mexicoWe get pretty excited when we see this sign.  Ahead lies relaxation, hot springs mineral baths, great food, outdoor adventure and the ability to walk to nearly everything.  Truth or Cobsequences, the Sierra County New Mexico county seat, is a hidden gem of a small city.  Surrounded by beautiful desert landscapes and sweeping skies, the backdrop for T or C is breathtaking.

Let's talk about a few of the hot springs that are available to the public and to lodging guests.  Truth or Consequences hot springs have proven to be some of the most affordable and effective hot mineral springs in the southwest.  Many of the facilities, including La Paloma, post the mineral content and temperature of their baths.  A quick overview of the centrally located bathhouses include many options, from public historical bathhouses to private tubs complete with showers, towels, and drinks.  The Blackstone is a lovely boutique hotel and hot springs located a block from downtown attractions.  Riverbend Hot Springs is a combination upscale spa hotel, bungalows, and luxury RV spaces.  They provide both private baths and the only open air hot spring baths along the banks of the Rio Grande.

If you take a tour through downtown T or C, you'll come across many historic markers which inform visitors of the story of the Healing Waters.  From the Carrie Tingley Hospital for Crippled Children to offering visitors respite from all kinds of muskuloskeletal and skin problems, the hot springs offer healing and recovery from illness.  The healing waters are credited in the growth of travel to the southwest as people were promised better health and the comfort of sunshine in the desert.  

Apache medicine man and leader Geronimo was known to come to the hot springs with his people for relaxation, socialization, wound treatment, and overall health improvement.  Truth or Consequences hot springs remain a draw for visitors and community members who wish to relax, meditate, relieve pain, and heal from illness.  Take advantage of the "healing waters" while also enjoying peaceful and affordable lodging, fine dining, a new craft brewery, and eclectic shopping choices for an amazing vacation. 

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