deerriogrande2017Caballo Lake in the small desert town of Caballo in Sierra County New Mexico provides a host of opportunities for outdoor activity, wildlife viewing, and scenic drives along the Rio Grande. 

The north end of the lake is BLM land with hiking trails, ATV roads, and horseback accomodations.  The south end is the location of Caballo Lake State Park, a mixed use campground with dry and hook up camping along with an RV dump station.  Just past Caballo Dam, visitors can camp, hike, and view some stunning cliffs along the Rio Grande at Caballo Dam Riverside State Park.

The large, picturesque State Park and Campground on Caballo Lake provides stunning views of the lake and Caballo Mountains.  In late fall, you can sit out on one of the park benches and watch hundreds of flocks of Canadian Geese and Sandhill Cranes making their migration.  The park has a small library, a Ranger's office, and desert garden with information on the cactus.  Hiking around the lakefront you might stumble across a wild javelina or a herd of docile cows.  Stay away from the first one, take a selfie with the second.

Fishing, photography, and birding are all popular activities in the area.  The Riverside Campground has a rally site so that large groups can camp together.  Across the Rio Grande, ATVers gather to race through the hills.  Birders stalk cliff-dwelling predatory birds and track the migration of the Sandhill Cranes.  The picnic area and campground sits right underneath the Caballo Dam and the Rio Grande makes for a lush landscape of grass and trees rarely found in Sierra County landscapes.  From micro photography to 360 panaoramas, there is endless natural beauty for photographers to snap.

Top of a day of outdoor fun with a trip a few miles down the road to Arrey, New Mexico, home of the wonderful Arrey Cafe.  Family owned home cooking with a focus on Mexican/New Mexican specialties, including a first class Hatch Chili Burger.  Check out nightly specials, particularly the Ribeye Special.  The cooking is home made and the portions are generous.  All the dishes come with the usual New Mexico decision to make:  red, green, or Christmas!

If you're heading back north toward Truth or Consequences and it happens to be near sunset, take a moment to swing back into the lake area.  The pastels of the sky reflected in the lake can provide amazing colors and forms.  We've seen the lake turn gold, coral, pink, and finally a purple that we had never seen before. You ight even come across a small family of deer crossing the Rio.  Scenes such as this make it clear that Sierra County New Mexico truly is the Land of Enchantment.


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