fullmoondec2016caballoHeading up I25  toward Truth or Consequences in Sierra County New Mexico, a newcomer might be overwhelmed by the jaw-dropping scenery.  It's every gritty Clint Eastwood western complete with wild  javelinas, sun baked cemeteries, and a mountain view that stretches forever.

  One  could be forgiven for daydreaming about  a horse and a long trrail ahead.  The sense of ancient spirits and civilizations only grows stronger the further you travel into the desert. 

Day or night, skies can be so spectacular you pull off the road to just take the opportunity to watch that moonrise over the mountains.  Visitors to Elephant Butte Lake State Park can sit on the beach and watch it snow on a mountain top ten miles away.  The Black Range on the western edge of Sierra County provide a dramatic scene at sunset.  Once you view the clear night sky for the first time, you may find yourself perusing telescopes for sale.  New Mexico ain't called the Land of Enchantment for nothing!

Truth or Consequences is a great name for the Sierra County Seat with a great story behind it.  A Hollywood story, but not the expected Western showdown story, you know, like some solo hero with pistols named "Truth" and "Consequences".  That would be a great story too...  Signs of old Hollywood and the connections to the hot springs community here are everywhere.  Warehouses full of props, beautiful vintage autos, boutique historic hot springs hotels all provide a colorful  backdrop for all sorts of New Mexico characters.  Taking a walk around the downtown neighborhood leads to endless discoveries.  Etched glass spa windows, fences decorated with found objects, blooming cacti, and lovely wall murals can be found all over the town.  The area is seeing a resurgence in filming activity - they even have a nickname for the place, chiliwood.  

Sierra County sits at the northern edge of the Chihuahua desert and has a high desert climate.  What this translates to in real life is waking up nearly every day of the year and saying "another day in paradise"!  What we've discovered is that there is truth in the tales of healing in the desert.  You feel better, more energetic, lighter on your feet.  Healing hot mineral springs, crystal clear dry air, and a little sprinkle of radiation from the New Mexico missile testing all combine to create a great place to vacation and adventure. 

The high desert alititude, the healing waters of the hot mineral springs, and the warmth of the desert combine to make Truth or Consequences a welcoming sojourn for any traveler, seeker, or adventurer.  

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